Monday Giggle….(short post today because Outlander comes on in twenty minutes and I need to give Jaime the red headed stud on the show my undivided attention)

Did you ever have fun with words…with your kids?  Ok, don’t judge me but here’s the deal…sometimes kids say things that have a double meaning, only they don’t know that.  They know the innocent version, we of course, know the other.

What’s worse though, is when one of your kids, say your 10 year old daughter, says something that has such the double meaning and your other kid, say your 13 year old daughter hears it with you, and knows both meanings.

I’m pretty sure that my teens aren’t the only ones in the neighborhood who have heard every sexual connotation ever said.  And if they are, well then I quit parenting right now.

To make matters worse, ever get in one of those silly moods when someone says something stupid and you can’t stop laughing?

Such was the case last night when my ten year old showed me and her 13 year old sister a box she made for her cousin made out of clay.  Here’s a picture of it…she’s really quite talented…

Cherry Intact


Well she was holding it up and showing it to us when the red heart cherry fell from the box onto the floor and she yelled out, “Oh my God, I just lost my cherry!”

My 13 year old and I busted a gut over this, despite the stupidity of the comment.  What made matters worse was when my 10 year old picked it up off the floor and said, “What’s so funny?  I found my cherry and put it back.”

If it were only that easy kiddo, we’d be a world full of virgins!  We laughed even harder which made my little one get pissed off.

Moral of the story…sometimes a cherry is so much more than just a cherry.


P.S.  Book Update

I heard back from three agents who thought my idea was a great one but not for them.  I know this is their standard “no” letter and I will keep on sending out my query to agents, but it’s still disappointing.

The book agent who asked for my first hundred pages has not responded so I continue to keep my fingers crossed and hope that no news is good news.