Sometimes life humbles us…it shows us who’s boss (we tend to forget) and grounds us when we start feeling invincible.  This past week was one of those weeks for me and so I put aside all the jokes and puns for this post and decided to replace them with words that have a bit more meaning.

All that I know is before me now, what I touch and feel and see

All that I know, simply put, is what this world has shown to me

When we wake each day to dawn’s morning light,

We are blinded by what is not within sight.

The tasks and the chores that fill all our days,

Cloud our vision like a smoke filled haze.

We get lost in the magic of material things,

Forgetting they are not what happiness brings.

We yearn for the lives of those that have more

Never stopping to think what they may have endured.

We want bigger and better instead of being content,

We compare what we paid to what others have spent.

Emotions and feelings cause words to sting

Time is impatient for what healing can bring.

All that I know is not what is real,

All that I know is not what I feel.

Too quickly our lives become part of the past,

And we suddenly realize that it’s gone way too fast.

We missed out when a frown covered our smile,

We missed out when we ran instead of walking the mile.

We never saw the tear that ran down the cheek,

Of a loved one’s face when we chose not to speak.

We never apologized when we knew we were wrong,

We never forgave despite a lifetime so long.

We always believed we’d have one more tomorrow,

We always believed we’d have no more sorrow.

Little did we know that what makes a heart true,

Is that which we feel and that which we do.

One day we’ll awaken and it will be our last,

Tomorrow’s journey will be based on all in our past.


For my mother in law, may she rest in peace without  worry or pain any longer…