Have you ever gone through your desk or bag and found a receipt from like, a year ago?  If so, did you ever stop and scan the items on it?

I mean, it makes for an entertaining Sunday evening…at least mine did.

I found a Target receipt in my pocketbook and was about to crumple it up and throw it away but decided to read through it more carefully.  What made me decide to do this?  The fact that it was eighteen inches long!

I checked the date and it was two years old, no less.  So for kicks, I scanned the paper and I discovered some incredible things about myself.  Here’s an idea…if you were to hand a stranger your Target receipt, what would they think of you?  Would they be privy to the real you based on your purchases and want to get to know you better or would they run screaming for the hills?

Well I am going to share items on my Target receipt and you be the judge of my character.  Then again, it’s not nice to judge people.  Here goes:

-fuzzy socks (mind you it was July)

-bathing suit size 8 (more appropriate)

-another bathing suit size 10

-and a third bathing suit size 6 (apparently I haven’t decided how big I want my body to be or else its just wishful thinking)

-three tank tops – all the same size (no wishful thinking on getting my chest to grow any bigger I guess)

-three piece multipack heart earrings (what’s with all the threes?)

-wrapping paper

-two couch pillows

-a box of triscuits (maybe I got hungry?)

-car charger

-two birthday cards

-an inflatable mattress (did I need that?)

-dog bones (gotta take care of doggie)

-LCR  (OMG! You have to buy this game, it’s so much fun!)

-a box of Ticonderoga pencils

-construction paper

-Crayola markers (Anna obviously slipped a list in my pocket that day)

-a glass measuring cup (no idea)

-two sets of goggles that cover the nose (Anna again)

-men’s boxers (I guess Angel slipped me a list too)

-Nail polish x 2 (and there’s Ellie)

-a hair brush

-hand sanitizer

-Trident gum strawberry (Anna again)

(why do I suddenly feel like singing “And a partridge in a pear tree”?  Guess what, it’ll be in your head all day now, lol)

Thank God, that was it!   So looking at this list, I have come up with the following conclusions:

  1. I spend hard earned money on absolute shit
  2. I think I played hookie from work
  3. I must remember to always hide my Target receipts from Angel
  4. I must have been really, really bored that day
  5. I may have possibly given someone I know an inflatable mattress for their birthday
  6. My daughter’s hair and nails look better than mine
  7. My chest size will forever be small
  8. I should never go to Target alone

Just for kicks…anyone else want to share their last target receipt (or any other store’s receipt) with me?  I’ll post it on next week’s blog.  I know I am not the only one out there with crap like this on a receipt hidden in their bag…