Well I made it past the first 100 pages of editing and I got all excited because I  thought I would finally be able to send it off to the agent today.   All I had to do was sit down and write a one to two page synopsis of my book.

But holy hell, do you know what it’s like to try to summarize 196 pages and 29 chapters into two pages???

I thought the query and hook would be the last impossible writing hurdles I had to endure but apparently not.  A synopsis has to summarize the entire book from the beginning to the end in an intriguing way while displaying character insights.

It must be brief yet it needs to cover the major events, goals, motivation of the characters, conflict and the ending.





So this blog is going to be really short because I need to spend the next eighty-five hours trying to synopse (don’t think that’s a word but my brain is fried) my book.

If you want to know why I said eighty-five hours, I have no idea…it was the first random number that popped into my head.

I will try to sneak another post in before next Monday, because to be fair, this one is way too short.

My husband is complaining that I don’t feed my family anymore and that they are all starving.  I reminded him that I bought cold cuts and bread last week.  He showed me the bread…it was green.

But isn’t that what McDonald’s is for?