I never knew chickens could be purple until I opened the packaging to a large roaster today and saw it with my own two eyes.  I even held a piece of my son’s purple shirt up next to it to prove that the chicken did, indeed, have purple undertones under the skin.


I was too lazy to bring it back to the supermarket, so I prepared it as usual and told my kids that we might not wake up tomorrow after eating the purple chicken.  My thirteen year old smiled because she was doing a crap load of homework (her own fault for waiting until the last minute on Sunday) and said, “Awesome!  Now I don’t have to finish my homework.  Thanks Mom!”

So I cooked the purple chicken and we ate it.  It didn’t look purple once it was cooked and I figured we were good to go. (We’d probably be going all night but at least we’d be cleansed)

While the purple chicken cooked, I made some soup.  I get recipes from a gluten free cooking website and many are very good.  This soup was not one of them.  It was a pumpkin peanut butter soup with sweet potatoes.  Word of advice, DON’T EVER MAKE PUMPKIN AND PEANUT BUTTER SOUP!

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Soup

It’s crazy nasty…like, I dumped the entire pot of it down the drain.  Oh, another word of advice, don’t dump an entire pot of peanut butter pumpkin soup down the drain while your husband pulls purple chicken meat from the bone next to you…you’ll get yelled at for clogging the drain.   Little did he know that all the drains in the house would most likely be clogged within the hour, but whatever.

Anyway, I might as well let you know that I did some research and it is fairly common for poultry to have a blue or purple tinge to it.

If you don’t believe, then read through this

On another note, about my book.  I have finished Book 2 in my Compass Chronicle series (first draft only) and decided to reopen House Call Heroine and read it again.

I realized how putting a book down for months at a time can really make a difference in terms of critique and am now in the process of rewriting it.  The entire plot and story will remain but the actual sentence structure and chapter organization will change…for the better.

It’s amazing how the more one writes, the easier it becomes to notice how bad one can write! So I am giving myself time to restructure the book before I begin to send it out to agents again.  I’m a stubborn guinea and will keep going through this process until I feel I’ve got it right, or until I get noticed.

I’ve got all the time in the world and who knows, maybe by the time an agent calls me I’ll have the entire series written and ready to go!