So the whole purpose of creating this blog is to promote a book I wrote called HOUSE  CALL HEROINE.  I would like to get it published.  I mean really published, like through those people who work for publishing companies.  But it’s hard, like pretty much impossible never gonna happen unless you know someone in the business or are filthy rich impossible.

Which is why many people have chosen to self publish, which is great…for them.  I don’t want to be “them”.  I want to go that extra mile and challenge myself to find an agent who can help me publish my story.  Who knows, stranger things have happened.  I’m not expecting any miracles and there are no blinders over my eyes with regards to how long this may take, but that’s where being stubborn comes in handy.  And my husband and kids can tell you I am the queen of stubbornness.

But I need YOUR help!   If you can share my blog through social media, tweet, snap, instagram, post, link, email, pin, Facebook….

Forget this shit, just find your favorite below and share!

(BTW I plan to open a Facebook account, I promise!)

From the few people I have spoken with who are in the field of editing or publishing, unless I have a platform (I think I’ve already established in my first post this isn’t a type of shoe) then no agent or publishing company would want me.

But there’s that stubborn female Italian roaring its ugly head again and I refuse to accept no for an answer.  My book is good, real good.  And if you like my blog, then you will LOVE my book!

I will introduce the characters to you one at a time through the blog.  Maybe one a month, who knows.

And the characters will talk back to you, through my blog, of course.  Not really talk back to you because they’re made up.  (Although (hint,hint) the main character is a nurse practitioner but that’s all I’m going to say)

Anyway, if my book ever gets published, I promise to thank each and every one of you who helped build my platform by writing your names at the end.  Seriously, I will.  But you have to let me know somehow you contributed to it’s success.

That’s it for now…until next week’s post, that is.