Have you ever stopped and wondered what would happen if marriages were more like mortgages?

If you haven’t (which I’m sure most of you haven’t and if you have, please email me because I’d like you to be a guest writer for my blog), then let me elaborate.

When we get married, we sign a marriage certificate that binds us to our partner for life.  Good, bad or indifferent, it doesn’t matter.  Marriage is permanent.

But what if marriage was more like a mortgage, where you chose the time frame, like a fifteen or thirty-year term.  What would happen then?  Divorce rates would probably go down because couples know they’d chosen a lesser sentence, err, I mean bank term.  Banks offer anywhere between ten to forty-year terms, though the most common are the fifteen and thirty year, which would get most people to the point where their kids start emptying the nest and then they can opt to continue to pay it off or downsize for sanity’s sake.

But let’s just say things aren’t working out for whatever reason, like maybe your wife doesn’t pay enough attention to you because she’s traded in her conversation skills for her laptop, and you’re only in the middle of your thirty-year term, what now?

Well, if marriages were like mortgages, you could opt to refinance.  You know, shorten the span of time that you’re paying for your property.  You wouldn’t feel the pressure that comes with living with a crazy Italian who suddenly decided to make a career change from nursing to writing, but I digress.

Point is, people would have more control over their money, their lives, their wives, and if things really get bad, they might even look to secure a loan at an altogether different bank.  Though most times rates can be adjusted to keep customers happy.

Anyway, I should add my disclaimerthe views and opinions from this idea do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the person who wrote it.  Personally, I’m happy with my lifelong marriage certificate, though given the torture I put my other half through on a daily basis, he might opt for refinancing to shorten his term…can’t be sure.

The way I see it, as long as our bank doesn’t foreclose on us, it’s all good.

On another note…

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