Ahhh New York. Back to the crowds and smog. Back to the honking car horns and people flipping the bird at you for no reason. The plane landed about an hour or two ago and I would love to say it’s great to be home but I’d be lying.  Except for the fact we’ll soon see our doggie.. we missed her a lot.

But the pace here is too fast, the people too moody and the cost of living too high. So why am I still here with my family?  Cause it happens to be where I was born. That’s it.. that’s the only reason.  Do I like it, nope I don’t.  Have I wanted to move out of NY for some time now? Yep and every year the urge gets stronger.

View from the car

Too expensive

People are always rushing around in NY to go somewhere, do something or be somebody.  It’s not like that in other states.  Life is enjoyed ‘as is’, no strings attached.

People have chickens and goats, and buy cow meat for the year from friends instead of steaks from the store.   They grow their own veggies and fruits and then can ’em or dry ’em.

I think I definitely want to move… Not sure when or how but I know I won’t be here in another 5 years if I can help it.

Now about the title to my post…I DID get VD in Portland and it was an incredible experience!   No I have not officially lost my mind nor do I need to visit the nearest Urgent Care Office for STD testing.

My cousin took us to Voodoo Donuts.. I can honestly say that nothing in NY can compare to the VD experience.  We even got tee shirts and brought home the iconic pink box that the donus come in, because good things come in cotton candy color boxes (I can’t say good things come in that particular color because it’s copyrighted and I don’t wanna get sued).

Check this out…..

VooDoo 🍩

Is that cool or what?   Look at these crazy donuts too…

Crazy Donut Designs

My kids loved getting VD. (How many people can say that?)

Anyway… It was a great trip and I know this post is short but I’m tired and we’re almost home.   I refuse to NOT post something today for the sole reason  I was awake all night, so forgive any blunders or misspellings.

I hope to throw out another medical post this week for shits and giggles or giggles and shits (can’t remember which is supposed to come first)

Back to work tomorrow but right now it’s bedtime…after I hug and snuggle with the dog!