2017 comes to an end and so begins a new year.  I can’t believe it’s already been a whole year since I didn’t become a better person.   I tried to think of some good New Year’s resolutions for myself but couldn’t come up with any so I must be perfect

What is a New Year’s Resolution anyway?  It’s a ‘To Do’ list for the first week of January.

Actually, here are a few ideas I thought I’d share…

  • Try to come up with separate, creative passwords for my 92 log ins and ensure that each one has a capital letter, number, and special character
  • Exercise more…I will start with exercising more self-restraint when I feel the urge to exercise
  • Increase my daily fruit intake, so I will make an apple martini every evening
  • Spend more time with underprivileged kids…I will start with my own
  • Make better bad decisions
  • Eat healthier…order medium fries instead of large at McDonald’s
  • I will get out of bed after the first alarm…just once to see what it’s like
  • I’m only half a day in to my New Year’s resolutions and decided I’d rather be fat and happy
  • Don’t make too many resolutions because it will take too long to break them all
  • Update my shit list
  • Feed the pigeons in the park
  • Start a new bad habit
  • Try not to get my hair in my food when eating
  • Create a list of mixed drinks I haven’t tried yet and well, try them
  • Stay up one of these years to watch the ball drop at midnight
  • Order a pizza five minutes before midnight and when they arrive, turn them away, telling them you ordered it the year prior
  • Stop telling gross nursing stories to my family at the dinner table

Anyway, I truly hope 2018 rings in a healthy and happy new year for all of my readers.  I am hoping for a published book by year’s end.  Stranger things have happened.