I finally bit the bullet and joined Facebook…again.  I was on it about 8 or 9 years ago and remember playing that farm game where you bought animals and planted crops.   I went on it so rarely that my farm animals never reproduced and my crops all died, so I guess even then I must have hated Facebook.

I also reconnected with people from my grammar school which was nice until I remembered why I hadn’t kept in touch with any of them in the first place, but otherwise Facebook didn’t do anything for me, so I un-faced myself from the world.

I think my subconscious built up a resistance towards any and all social media starting at that time.  I thought it was all pretty stupid.  Maybe it was just my inner self refusing to accept that the world we live in now a days has become such a technological giant, so different from when I was young.

I don’t consider myself old (my children say otherwise but that’s why they aren’t getting any more upgrades on their iPhones, lol), yet cell phones weren’t a “thing” until I was in my twenties.  Remember beepers?  If you do, then you are “old” too, hahaha.

We would get beeped and then run to the nearest landline (if you don’t know what a landline is then you are too young to be reading my blog) and call the person back.

It was our generation who made up the first “text” messages too.  I am sure everyone at some point in time entered the numbers ‘07734’ to say ‘hello’ (yes, we’d have to turn the beeper upside down to read it).

We also came up with cool number codes that would mean special things to our boyfriends.  My boyfriend at the time (now my present day husband) used to enter the numbers 123 and I would reply 321 (aww, how cute).  I can’t tell you what the three numbers meant, well I could, but there are minors reading my blog so just use your imagination folks.

Back to Facebook, though.  I rejoined it under duress, but when you want to get your book published you make all sorts of sacrifices. (And yes, sometimes those sacrifices entail not cooking for your family on Sunday so that you can write your next blog post which is due on Monday…jeez, I thought family was supposed to be supportive)

ANYWAY, like I was saying, I joined Facebook and the strangest thing happened…I got hooked immediately!

Now, a word of advice to anyone who is looking to join, or re-join Facebook.  Do NOT send friend requests after 9pm and if you do, no NOT invite seventy-five people at once.  Let’s just say the dinging of your phone when your friends accept your invite will keep you awake all night.  (I have since been taught by my wonderful work colleagues how to turn off my notifications so that there are no more beeps)

Yeah, that only means one thing.  That your friends check their Facebook in the wee hours of the night and obviously spend too much time on Facebook as well!