I thought it would be great to take an excerpt from HOUSE CALL HEROINE and use it as my next post.  Just enough info to set the tone for the book, so when it comes out you’ll be first in line to buy it!

(The therapist said to say positive things out loud and they will make me feel better, even if they aren’t true.  Just go with it for my sake, ok?)

I will quickly fill you in again on who the main characters in the book are before giving you the excerpt:

Winnie Finella:  Winnie is intelligent, slightly naïve, and moderately even tempered.  She is a nurse practitioner who co-owns a Bronx house call practice with Dr. Phillip Howard Darling.

Phillip Howard Darling:  somewhat geeky yet super smart,  blushes from sexual comments thrown at him by Gwen but  has a mysterious side to him that no one really knows.

Jorge Garcia:  Winnie has the hots for Jorge Garcia, a Bronx detective who partners with her cousin Gwen.  He is sexy in all respects, from his hazel green eyes right down to his hard, thick..…calf muscles.  (You guys should be reading Harlequin Romance if you thought anything other than calves).  He dishes out as much testosterone induced flirtation as Winnie can handle, only to have her return the favor ten-fold.

Gwen Finella:  Gwen is arrogant, self-confident, impatient and has a mouth dirtier than a construction site porta-potty.  She does not believe in hiding her sexual obsession for Phil, and hopes to one day seal the merger between docs and cops.

Pops is Gwen’s dad, Winnie’s uncle, who speaks-ah with an-ah Italian accent and-ah who love-ah to make-ah trouble when-ah no one is-ah looking.  It’s hard to stay mad at Pop though, because the combination of his bald head, wrinkles and wise ass comments make him irresistible .

Dun Dun DUUUUNNNNN…..and now for your excerpt….

“Phil and I are having lunch at the Buena Comida diner.  We just sat down, why?”  We were seated across from one other at a small window booth that looked out onto Third Avenue.

The only response was, “We’ll be there in five,” then she disconnected. 

Five minutes?  There was no conceivable way that Gwen could have been this close to our location coincidentally unless she was stalking us.  Given her infatuation with Phil, that was more than a possibility.

I shrugged my shoulders at Phil who had a questioning look on his face and told him, “Looks like Gwen and Jorge are joining us.”  I wasn’t sure if Phil blushed from excitement or nerves.

We heard the sirens before we saw their car and I hid my face behind my huge plastic menu.  I took a peak over the top at Phil. “Please tell me that’s just an ambulance driving by.” 

He looked out the window, cracked a smile and said, “I could tell you that it’s just an ambulance but I’d be lying, and I would never lie to you Winnie.”

I hated being noticed.  Gwen never knew how to go unnoticed.

Jorge, who always drove their black unmarked Dodge Charger, slammed it into park right outside the diner in front of a fire hydrant, lights shining and sirens blaring.  The screaming finally came to a halt and Gwen and Jorge stepped out of the car, both wearing black jackets.  They reminded me of the dudes from Men in Black but Jorge Garcia was much sexier than Will Smith, movie star or not.

Phil said to me, “Hiding won’t make them magically disappear, you know.”  I slowly lowered my menu as the two of them waltzed over to our table. 

Phil started to get up and said, “I’ll go get us a bigger booth,” but before he made it out of his seat Gwen slid her ass in and blocked his way.

“No need hot stuff, this will do just fine.”  She then picked up his menu and flipped through it, which meant I was stuck next to…

“Jorge at your service, my dear Winnie.  Can I help you open any pill bottles today?  Oh, that reminds me,” he said with an evil smile, “Gwen told me you were out of razors so I picked some up at the store for you.”

My left temple began to throb and I clenched my teeth.  Jorge was sexy but still a jerk.  He roughly pushed his way into my side of the booth which was way too small for my ass and his inflated ego.  His holstered gun jammed sharply into my side.

“Ouch!  Shit Jorge, move over before that thing goes off and does some damage!”  Well, three sets of various colored eyes stopped and stared at me before I realized the inference I had made. 

But it was too late, Jorge jumped on that like white on rice as he put his arm around my shoulders and answered with a wink, “Babe, that’s the whole purpose of carrying a weapon the size of mine.”

Good Lord, I had stepped right into that pile of shit but I couldn’t leave well enough alone.

“Yes Jorge, but is your pistol loaded or do you shoot blanks?” I smiled sweetly.  Then my heart beat quickened.  I was clueless as to why I was so turned on by this egotistical asshole but chalked it up to his green eyes.

Gwen interrupted, thank the gods above.  “All right Garcia, take your arm off my cousin before I shoot it off and then your ‘weapon’ will never go off again.  That is the hand you use isn’t it, to make it ‘go off’?” 

Phil coughed on his water and grabbed a napkin to catch what spilled out of his mouth. 

“Are you ok Phil? Can you breathe?  Because I can give you mouth to mouth!”  Gwen never missed a beat, but Phil’s face turned the color of one.  I couldn’t take this any longer.

“Gwen is there a reason why you met us here to ruin the lunch we haven’t eaten yet?  Because if there isn’t, it would be way more comfortable with just two people at this booth!”  I huffed and angrily tapped my fingers against the table.

Her expression turned serious as she slowly diverted her eyes away from Phil to me.  “Actually, there is.”  She waited a minute while the waiter came by and took four orders for cheeseburgers with French fries.

“We got a call at the house earlier today to investigate a homicide.  Seems like a home health aide who worked for…” Gwen paused while she pulled out her notepad and reviewed her notes, “Your Needs First Home Care Agency, was found in a dumpster behind one of the buildings in Parkchester.  She was shot twice in the back.  The medical examiner is working on her right now.” 

Although the fact that someone, a home health aide no less, had been murdered in the same area that we visited at least twice a week bothered me a lot, I wondered why Gwen had to meet up with us in person to tell us the news.

“Ok Gwen, I appreciate your concern for our safety, which I know is why you have Phil here chaperoning me, but what does her death have to do with us?” 

I asked her very bluntly as the waiter placed four plates of food on the ridiculously tiny table space.  What the hell, maybe they used blow torches to cook the burgers here since it hadn’t even been five minutes since we ordered the food.

Garcia shoved French fries into his mouth at warp speed and answered.  “Because someone drew a switchblade across her chest with the blade of a knife.”