Number 10:   I needed an ingenious way to come out of the closet 

Number 9:     To tell my husband that I want a divorce

(Just kidding, honey.  Jeez…I guess that’s why the therapist keeps telling me to stop joking around about that)

Number 8:   I have way too much time on my hands

(Ok, look, I leave my house at 7:30am, work as a nurse practitioner in a busy internal medicine office from 8:30am-5:30pm five days a week, get home just in time to cook for my three kids, feed the dog, wash the dishes, sign homework, pay my bills and shower.  Yes honey, I’m getting to that…and put a little time aside so my husband does not feel neglected.  And he wonders why Number 9 says what it says)

Number 7:  Because I truly want to be a ‘stay at home mom’ so that I don’t miss out on quality time with my three adoring kids while they are still young.

(Truthfully, you couldn’t pay me enough money to stay home with them on a regular basis)

Number 6:  I want to be rich 

(Hah!  I think that 7 or 8 people have read my blog so far)

Number 5:  To be a role model for my fellow nurse practitioner peers and give them tons of educational advice

(If you haven’t grasped the concept of nursing by now, maybe you should stay at home, have kids and write a blog)

Number 4:  There just aren’t enough blogs out there

(Holy blog!  Type in any word and add ‘blog’ after it…who needs college?)

Number 3:  I LOVE social media

(I am a forty something or other year old female and I don’t even do Facebook…what do you think?)

Number 2:  I want to help people and offer up suggestions for common medical ailments so that I might save you a trip to the doctor or nurse practitioner’s office

(Please don’t confuse my blogging with my day job, they will rarely overlap)


Because it’s so damn easy to capture the eye of an agent, editor or publishing company and get a book (seriously, it’s really good) published (not self published)


Apparently, if you don’t have a platform you’re pretty much a nobody.  Well, meet me, Diane Pagan, a huge nobody who thought a platform was a type of shoe until a month ago!

This is my attempt to learn all about blogging so that I might build a social media following and then maybe, just maybe, have a shot at catching the eye of an agent or editor.  Who knows?  Sillier things have happened.

If you send me a comment and I don’t respond, please don’t take it personally.  It’s probably because I haven’t figured out how to do that yet!

If you really want to pull your hair out…check out all these:

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