Yesterday afternoon, I met Adriana Trigiani, author of numerous books and one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever had the honor of meeting.  My sister was one of the people who organized the book signing affair which took place at the John C. Hart Memorial Library in Schrub Oak where she works.

She and the staff, along with the Friends of the library, did an amazing job.  Tickets were sold out almost immediately and there was even a waiting list.

I had the privilege of speaking with Adriana prior to her appearance (thanks to my big sis!) and when she found out I was trying to get my book published, she was more than excited for me!

She offered to help me in any way she could, and you know what?  She was sincere when she said it.  Speaking with her was like sitting down at the dinner table with your own family.  She was friendly, warm, welcoming and had an absolutely hysterical sense of humor.

Her talk was phenomenal, and if anyone ever gets the opportunity to meet her please DON’T PASS IT UP.  Her advice for women was so uplifting and heartfelt that it brought to tears to our eyes (as well as hers).

She shared her life with us, both the good and the bad, so that we might learn from her and try to be the best we can while pushing our fears aside.  We need to embrace our confidence and run with it without allowing anyone to silence our voices, which by the way, are loud and strong…especially together.

I walked away with an even more positive outlook on life and more determined than ever to make my wishes come to fruition, even if it takes years.

I hope this post helps you take a step forward in making your own dreams, ideas, and wishes come true because all it really takes is a little belief, and a lot of love, in and of yourself.